Balance is a must!

“I will prepare, and someday my chance will come” 

-Abraham Lincoln

Everybody needs friends. Good friends keep you in balance. They may not share all of the same interests as you, but that is what makes the relationship interesting. In the beginning of the summer I had made plans to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in years. When the date came for my visit, I wasn’t ready to go. I was afraid it would set me back on my personal work. Instead of slowing me down, spending time with my friend allowed me to make progress. I learned of a new artist to admire, I also received great feed back for my Do You Dream In Color? project. Good friends keep me in balance. With out a good partner, the See Saw wouldn’t work.

In May I made plans to visit my friend Elyse. We were once very close friends, but due to the trivialities of adulthood, Elyse had moved to Virginia for a job. We hadn’t seen each other in years. In the beginning of this summer, we decided it was time to catch up. We chose a date and I found the least expensive bus ticket I could find.

While looking forward to my trip, I simultaneously filled my free time with personal design projects. When the time finally arrived for the trip to VA, I almost didn’t want to go. I wanted to keep designing and it killed me to pause the momentum. However the ticket was purchased and I knew, logically, it was important to go.

I took the 5 hour bus ride to Virginia with a broken air conditioner in sweltering humidity. My temporary neighbor to the left of me was taking up more room than the space was meant for. The seats are meant to be split 50/50 however this person took it upon themselves to take up 75% I persevered through the uncomfortable riding conditions. When I finally arrived and saw her, it was like we had just seen each other last weekend. It was like we hadn’t spent any time apart at all.

During the trip she showed me the new life she had created for herself. It’s a great one. She has great room mates, friends, and an awesome job. In the beginning of the trip I was worried about how much the visit will set me back on my own work. It turns out that the trip is helping me advance. During a conversation with Elyse’s awesome room-mate, Jessica, it had come up  that I am a design student. She took it upon herself to show me a website she had come across by Jessica Hische, titled Jess & Russ My new friend Jessica is not a designer but she fell in love with the website. I fell in love with it too. Not only did I love the design of this layout, I noticed Jessica Hische had worked with another designer I  admire, Louise  Fili. I hope to interview Jessica Hische. I would like to ask her how she is able to balance her busy schedule and still create beautiful work.

After discussing this miraculous discovery, I told the girls about my Do You Dream In Color? project. Coincidentally, Jessica mentioned that her dream job is to “help non-profit organizations trying to do good things, do good things.” She gave me so many great ideas on how to advance Do You Dream In Color? We were all in awe  of our common ideas. Elyse also gave me a great idea for a future Do You Dream In Color? project, which I will not share with you all. Not until it has been put into action. Elyse also introduced me to a marvelous girl named Min! Min is so sweet and a lot of fun! She is from London. We call her “Lady Min” due to the proper persona her country emits.

From the left: Jessica, Lady Min, Elyse, Me

Min is going back home, to London, on Wednesday and invited me to move there and stay with her when I graduate. She told me she will find me a “cash in hand (bar tending) job, to hold me over until I find a design job.

I am grateful for my weekend. I caught up with an old friend and made lots of new ones. We shared a lot of laughs and fun stories. I feel refreshed and balanced. Everything has fallen into place once again.

Thank you all for your views!


3 responses to “Balance is a must!

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