Once upon a time…….

From Brugge

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories and learning from the past.

Once upon a time I had a boyfriend. He was there for me for a lifetime. He was smart and strong. He navigated his way through his life with his brain. He knew how to get to his destination and make his dreams come true. His name is so familiar to me, like a home away from home. It is a name I can’t bring myself to say, because if I say it, my fairy tale won’t come true. Like all fairy tales, in the end, dreams come true.

You said that you loved me, I knew that you did. I could tell by your actions and the effort you put in. We were together for so long, it was almost a lifetime. We developed our own traditions and passions and molded them into ideas to fit each others dreams. You loved me, I know that you did. You didn’t understand me but you did what you could. You knew what I wanted with out me having to ask. My dream was to travel, of course you made it come true. I told you I wanted to visit Brugge before I died. You made it happen before a quarter of my life was through. You loved me so much that you wanted my dreams to be real. You tried so hard to teach me how to put my wishes into action, but your words didn’t come through. Between your logic and my imagination we couldn’t see eye to eye. You only listened to what made sense, and I was fascinated by everything. My curiosity drove you nuts. You didn’t see the logic. We stopped talking a year ago and now I’m on my own. I’m floating in my imagination. I have nothing to bring me to earth now, now that I’m on my own. You told me college solves everything, so I listened to you. You hated that I was indecisive so I’m sticking to my latest degree.

I am a Graphic Designer now, and guess what, I found logic to my curiosity! I just read a story by Michael Bierut, it’s called 79 Short Essays on Design. Michael states To me the conclusion is inescapable: the more things you’re interested in the better your work will be… Not everything is design but design is everything, so do yourself a favor and be ready for anything. I figured out how to make my curiosity useful, how to make my dreams come true. Maybe you can read this book, maybe you will be able to understand my imagination if you read this book too?

Maybe when I’m ready to say his name again, our roads will merge together and my happily ever after fairy tale will come true.


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