Dreaming Is So Easy!!

How in the world do these famous people make their dreams come true?

I’m a child and i’m sitting in the movies wondering how these actors and artists are so famous? They adapt to the role so easily, they are so perfect for the part. Some guy must have found this guy, and said “I am making a movie, want to be in my movie?” and this guy said “sure”, and they picked a day, found someone with a camera, got together and and just started talking and recording. Of course the guy that the guy picked for the role was perfect. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect nose… That is how it happened. This actor was really lucky to be in right place at the right time and to be so perfect. And these artists, painters and sculptors, they just picked up their tools; a chisel or a brush, and threw together a piece and it was fit to be considered a renowned work of art.

This lifestyle will happen to me, in my future. I know it will. I’m a child, I know for a fact, no one plans, no one has trouble making their dreams come true. It just happens. If it was trouble and took effort, it wouldn’t be a dream. There is no heartache or stress when it comes to dreams coming true. These amazing things just happen, and someday, in my future I will be a famous too.

Now, im an adult. I’m standing in this room. This place is one of my favorite places to be. In this room, time doesn’t move. It’s quiet here, I don’t have to talk to anyone, I’m left alone with my thoughts. No one really talks to me, but I’m not lonely, I kind of like being left alone. Here I have so much company, more than I can ever ask for. This place is so colorful, I love colors! Colors are so exciting and eye catching. What a science it is to mix the pigments perfectly. Each and every combination fills me with a different mood. Why do I love where I am? right here? right now? I love it because every room is fiiled with so many dreams. I can time travel from one period to the next, I can walk from evening to night within seconds, whichever I prefer best. When I walk in here, I forget that the museum closes early. Here I have all the time in the world — until it’s closing time, and the guards kick me out. Each piece is more amazing than the next. I love the ideas behind them!! I love analyzing and working them out. The figures have such volume and their expressions are so perfect. The symolism of these pieces! I can’t even tell you… The two pieces that fascinate me the most, right now, this moment, are Seymore Joseph Guy’s Story of Golden Locks, and Michelangelo’s Statue of David. How long did these masterpiece take these artist to do? It must have been instant. These guys definetly just grabbed their tools, and threw together a concept. Art is a natural born talent, I’m telling you! I bet they didn’t even need an eraser. Why wasn’t I born with these talents?? Why can’t I do that? I like art too… These masterpieces right in front of me, i’m instantly awed. How come I can’t pull something so amazing together, as instantly as they did?

Now that I am older, I think I know. I’d like to explain it to you. Come back next week and let me share my thoughts with you. 


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