Happy Valentines Day!


The final design chosen for Valentines Day.

“If I could like that you liked my post; I would.” 

Valentines day is a day of sharing warm and caring feelings. It is about bringing out the love and affection that we sometimes forget to share. With our hectic schedules and professional priorities, love might need a little extra highlight.

And so I wanted to let you all know that I appreciate your likes. I designed a card for my social media friends. When friends “like”my posts whether it be on Facebook or Instagram or the like, I take it as a smile. It does not specifically mean that they agree what I am saying, it just means that they acknowledge what I wrote. It is a smile, and when we smile in person it is our human nature to smile back. So when friends like one of my posts it is my instinct to want to like it back. And I wish I could so that they know that I liked that they liked my post. So I made you all a greeting card.

I designed a variety of cards but with feedback of family and friends, I came to the result that Valentines Day is supposed to be warm and fuzzy. So I chose to use the pink design with white dots because the colors translate love and fuzz.


The final design chosen for the Valentines Day Post


A variation of the Valentines Day Post



An alternate variation of the Valentines Day post.


The pencil sketch on paper of the Valentines Day post including the typography used, which is are hand drawn letters inspired by Lousie Fili.


This idea is protected under copyright. Do not reproduce. If you wish to use this idea for alternate purposes you may contact Anne Marie Horan to discuss further.


(This is just a commercial. Rizzie's World will resume our regular broadcasting of stories of historical art shortly)

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