Perseverance; To persist or remain constant in spite of obstacles.

In other words — that feeling that you feel in your gut when you cross the finish line, in first place, in Mario Kart.

Mario Kart can be played inside on the t.v. and outside in person; also the game can be played during summer in the pool. You can play it the traditional way on screen with a remote control, you can race around out side in a field, you can also play it swimming in the water in a circular shaped pool until the water spins around creating a whirlpool, throwing bananas at friends, grabbing mushrooms, stars and tossing red spinning shells. You can crash into friends and splash them to knock them out of the way. The winner in the pool is the player who is least exhausted.

The winner on the t.v. screen is a little different. The player who is the best at dodging obstacles, finding the secret shortcuts, staying centered on boundary less bridges and using the star power just at the right moment is the one considered to be the champion.

After playing it so many times a feeling of victory is embedded into your soul. That feeling that when you hold on to the controller so tightly, and stay so focused to make it over the finish line with the glowing ‘1st’ in the corner. When you can celebrate and throw the controller in the air and listen to the bells chime and cheer watching your character stand in front of the castle on the first tier to collect their trophy.

A few weeks ago I was driving with the help of an electronic navigational system. I could not find the place where I had to go. The trip was exhausting but I didn’t give up. Finally with the help of a friend I got to where I had to go and when I did, that feeling that was embedded into my soul, the same feeling that I felt when I made first place in Mario Kart came whooshing over.

Mario Kart is the ultimate form of perseverance. No matter how many times you have the shell thrown at you, you still have to keep going. You may fall off the bridge and need a little help from your friend the cloud with the fishing rod, but you still keep going. Maybe you’ll come in first place, or maybe last. But in one way or another… you keep driving until you make it through the race.




Nintendo Mario Kart

Tools Used:

Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign

(This is just a commercial. Rizzie's World will resume our regular broadcasting of stories of historical art shortly)



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