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Fogged Up

Be cool with criticism. If you focus on pleasing our critics, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy, instead of doing something productive.

—Albert Einstien

When someone indicates an objection to you or your actions, what do you do? Lets say you have a favorite style or hobby and they choose to be the one to react negatively to your world. Do you take this to heart and let it ruin you? It only takes a tablespoon of water to fill a city block with fog. Negativity is like fog. It only takes a tiny amount to fill fog up thoughts, for me at least. Do your thoughts get flooded with the fog of negativity?

Or – do you take it as constructive criticism and use it make you a better person?

If you’re anything like me, you will take this unpleasant information and let it invade your heart. Some people will run with negative feedback and use it as fuel. I am not one of those people. I let it destroy me. When I hear a negative comment I naturally tend to harbor the words, dwell on what I heard and let it flood my idea’s. I relate negativity to a lesson I learned years ago in my Drawing 1 class. On this night my professor intended to teach us how to add values of shadow and light to our pencil drawing. He taught us a technique of using water with ink and applying the substrate with a brush. I proceeded to fill my cup with clean tap water and drop the first, smallest drop of black ink into the container using the ink dropper. As the ink spread throughout the water, I was amazed with how quickly that tiny little black drop took over the pure clear molecules. The water turned black within seconds. This process instantly made me think of negativity. Watching the ink spread through the water was like watching a stormy cloud grow over a harmless innocent city filled with cottages, green grass, flowers, and children laughing while jumping rope. All of this from that tiny little black drop of ink. Personally, all that I need, is to hear one small tiny gloomy comment about someones opposition towards me (the small droplet of black ink) to completely fog my brain and prevent me from thinking clearly for the next lifetime.

Thankfully I have the ability to take the criticism that I feel will help me grow to be a better person, and I can trash the feedback that will pollute my brain. I will take feedback whether it is for me or against me with an open mind topped with a dash of salt.